Who am I?

Who is Brent Cairns...the great unknown magician?


Brent, who hails from Montreal, moved to Edmonton, in 1997 where he has performed at Fort Edmonton Park, Northlands, Suncor, the Edmonton Oilers Alumni Reunion, Jasper Park Lodge Casinos and many more hotels and restaurants throughout Alberta.Brent has been performing school shows since he was 15 years old. He has even taught elementary students magic classes upon request of many teachers. It was here that Brent learned how to delight children and families. His magic is interactive, fun, original and his rapport with children is delightful. His balloon animals are often complex and surprising. People love to experience Brent's magic one on one, where the magic happens inches away and sometimes right in your own hands. His magic shows are full of interaction, laughs and incredible moments. Brent's shows are highly professional, full of energy and will fit any desired time frame. This is one entertainer you can count on for an unforgettable time. Brent is available for both adult and children's functions such as, Christmas parties, house parties, weddings, stage shows, corporate functions and promotions..., anywhere else where excellent magic and entertainment is appreciated.


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Brent takes his close-up act on the road!

'At  your event or cocktail hour, Brent can move from table or group, performing close-up miracles with your guests just inches away! These walk-around miracles are sure to leave your guests speechless."

The Amazing Brent
Kids are enthralled
captive handkerchief
Brent with captive audience


"Say what?!" Testimonials

"Brent has performed numerous times at our staff functions. He’s entertaining, engaging his audience with each and every magic trick. What enhances his performance is how much he gets into his role – it’s apparent he has fun and a great passion for what he does. We’re a fan of his!”


"Behalf of WAM Development GROUP"



"Magician Brent Cairns is amazing.  He has performed several times at Snow Valley Ski Club for both guests and staff events.  He 'wows' the audience every time.  It's a magic performance that keeps you amazed and laughing at the same time.  No two performances are the same.  Brent Cairns isn't just an illusionist, he is a magical being."


"Behalf of Shawn Balog, General Manager of Snow Valley"



"Adults and children really enjoy Brent's magic and balloon animals. He's very versitile, enthusiastic, engaging, funny

and entertaining."


"Jasper Park Lodge"

"Brent was great! He did a wonderful job for the show and the roving. People are still talking about it. I would recommend him to anybody."


"Tyson Wagner, St. Paul Curling Club"